Dark Sky CrossFit – CrossFit

12 Days of Christmas 2016 Edition (Time)

For Time:

1 Man Maker 45lbs/30lbs

2 HSPU (RX+ Deficit or Paralette )

3 Thrusters

4 Pull-Ups (RX+ C2B)

5 Ring Dips

6 Burpees

7 Wall-Balls 20lbs/14lbs (RX+ 11ft/10ft)


9 Push Press

10 Box Jump Overs

11 Overhead Squats

12oz Beer or Reverse Lunges 45lbs/30lbs

Complete Round 1

Then 2, 1.

Then 3, 2, 1

Then 4, 3, 2, 1

etc etc.

12oz beer optional, but if you are coming to later classes feel free! Coffee/baileys also an option..

Bar Weight 75lbs/55lbs (RX+ 105lbs/75lbs)

By kevinbest73

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